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Go Sport, one of the leading sporting goods retailers in Europe, was established in 1978. The first Go Sport store opened in Belgium in 1980, and the multi-brand retailer would soon take over the third biggest market share in its home country, France.

In 1981, Go Sport set up Courir, also an athletic footwear retailer which became a household name in its own right. In 1986, Go Sport stores in France had already amounted to 50 in France, and four years later, Rallye group acquired a majority stake in the growing business. In 2000, a merger between Go Sport and its affiliate Courir led to the official establishment of Groupe Go Sport.

The mass retailer has differentiated itself from competitors in the French market through its sales teams, which consist of athletic people- who, according to Go Sport’s philosophy, can sell the merchandise because they understand it- and its product offering.

Under the Go Sport brand, there are currently five principal collections: Go man, Go miss, Go foot, Go run, and Go swim - all of which are available at Go Sport Qatar. The collections are spread across over 261 brands, which include big names such as Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Puma amongst others, and Go Sport’s own sporting goods line. Product categories include clothing, swimwear, footwear, equipment and accessories.

Go Sport currently has 123 stores in France, 2 in Belgium and 28 franchises in other countries. Franchisee countries in the GCC region include Saudi Arabia, which has 8 Go sport stores, UAE which has 3 Go Sport stores and Kuwait, which has one Go Sport store. Qatar’s first Go Sport stores opened in 2008 at the Villaggio mall, and is now the biggest multi-brand athletic retailer in the country.

Al Mana Media is the advertising agency for Go Sport in Doha, Qatar.

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