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The Social Media Manager should be a devoted employee who knows the company and the brand very well. .

The main responsibilities:

•    Traces the strategy, plan campaigns, set goals, and deadlines;

•    Brings brand & product awareness builds an online reputation;

•    Creates content (when there is no social media content creator), promotes content and campaigns (when there is no social media advertiser);

•    Generates leads and conversions;

•    Makes sure the team functions properly;

•    Keeps in touch with the key stakeholders.

The main skills:

•    Soft skills: bring a big impact on the marketing. Creativity, copywriting and a keen eye for design are the three most important soft skills. leadership skills to lead the future social media team to the right direction in line with the culture fit. Great presentation and public speaking skills.

•    Hard skills: The Social Media Manager should be fluent with the industry very well, has a lot of connections and most importantly, masters a lot of hard skills. The most important is to be updated with the digital expertise (staying up to date with the latest social media trends) with a pinch of social media management tools, SEO, and client service. And always willing to share the knowledge and has an appetite for teaching others.

Experience: 3-5 years

2. Social Media Content Creator and Curator - The One that Has the Words

Main Responsibilities

Stays on top of industry news Creates micro & macro content Publishes content on all networks Shares 3rd party resources Collaborates with the designer Comes out with new input

Main Skills

Strong copywriting skills, Social Media Management, Content management systems, Aware of SEO basics. Time management skills, Research skills

The content creator job should not make the audience fed up with all the bragging about the brand. People want to see the brand, what it believes and that it appreciates others, too.

Talk less about us and more about you and others.

On this hybrid job. We will need a content creator as the content is the biggest asset we have for social media - it's our fuel and it's basically the value that we add to the environment. As well we will need somebody to curate information. Industry news, influencers, books, everything that sparks the audience's interest should be curated on our platforms. Even though here we are focused on creating content, we promote almost 50% third-party content on our social pages.

The main responsibilities:

•    Stay on top of industry news;

•    Create both micro and macro content;

•    Share and publish the content on all social media platforms;

•    Collaborate with the designer;--

•    Come out with new input The main skills:

•    Strong copywriting skills;

•    Knows how to manage the social media platforms and at least one content management system;

•    Aware of SEO basics;

•    Time management skills;

•    Research skills.

•    Language - English & Arabic

Experience: 1-3 years

3. Social Media Community Manager - The One that's Always in for a Chat

The community manager is the one that interacts with the audience personally.

That person is in charge of the engagement on the brand's social media platforms, as well as outside the platforms.

Basically, wherever the brand is mentioned, the community manager should be there to answer questions, thank customers, and so on.

Sometimes, the community manager can create a personal profile and interact with the audience on behalf of the brand. This decision will be based on the project scope and the brand's profile.

The main responsibilities:

Engage in conversations wherever the brand is mentioned or where there is a comment on your brand's pages;

•    Manage brand advocates and other brand lovers;

•    Try to build a relationship between the brand and the audience;

•    Additionally, if the community manager uses a personal profile, he or she should work on building the brand visibility where needed.

The main skills:

•    Strong copywriting skills;

•    Willingness to learn everything about the brand and key employees of the brand;

•    Ability to write engaging, funny content.

•    Language - Arabic and English

Experience: 1-3 years

4. Social Media Advertiser - The One that Knows What to Pay

The responsibilities and skills remain the same. We will need somebody specialized in advertising strategy, with a strong sense for budgets and a strong understanding of every social media platform. An advertiser sets, monitors and adjusts ads so the business can get the most out of every campaign for the lowest price possible with high results.

The main responsibilities:

•    Create ad content or work together with a content manager and a designer;

•    Set the target audience for every campaign;

•    Manage A/B testing with diverse components of the ads. The main skills:

•    Analytical skills and Excel;

•    Statistical analysis;

•    Content creation skills;

•    Comfortable with taking risks.

Experience: 1-3 years

5. Social Media Analyst - The One that Has the Answers

Social Media Analysts should be passionate about business than social media. Main goal is to support the team with directions and Insights.Therefore, we will need a person passionate about numbers and stats that also understands both business and social media.

The main responsibilities:

•    Study industry trends, tools, and social media platforms;

•    Ensure the brand reaches the social media goals (awareness, sales etc.);

•    If you have a new business, define the audience;

•    Provide reports when needed.

The main skills:

•    Strong analytical skills;

•    In-depth knowledge of social media platforms;

•    Social science knowledge;

•    Knowledge of social media management tools like Planable. social bakers, hootsuite, etc

Experience: 1-3 years

6. Social Media Graphic Designer/Video Editor

Content creators are not only copywriters, but they also produce visual content, too. Clumsy posts won't take you anywhere. This is why we require somebody with a keen eye for visual details and knowledge of at least several design tool.

Especially with the evolution of video content, a graphic designer Is playing a big role in the social media team. But images, logos, and illustrations are also a big part of a graphic designer's day-to-day job.

The main responsibilities:

•    Align work with brief requirements;

•    Work together with the content creator and also communicate with other members of the team and stakeholders;

•    Create images, videos, animations, illustrations, logos, and other visual materials.

The main skills:

•    Knowledge of design tools and software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc.);

•    Strong communication skills;

•    Attention for details.

•    Language - Arabic and English

Experience: 1-3 years


We are looking for a knowledgeable Art Director who will be able to lead a team of artistic people and coordinate resources in an effort to create a unique ad campaign with the target audience in mind. The Art Director will meet with clients and internal departments to discuss and establish project objectives, research current trends and the target demographic, and design and troubleshoot the visual aspects of an ad campaign, from the initial planning stages until the finished campaign is presented to the client or company. You should possess an understanding of graphic design concepts and software and excellent interpersonal skills.

To succeed as an Art Director, you should be a creative and communicative multitasker with exceptional project and time management skills. You should be punctual, perceptive, and detail-oriented with a great mind for developing and realizing the vision of the campaign.

Art Director Responsibilities:

    Working with other members of the art department to evaluate client or company needs, develop project strategies, and create visual elements for ad campaigns.

    Speaking with the company or client to set goals, provide updates, receive feedback, and present the final campaign.

    Conducting research to better understand brand objectives, target markets, and industry trends.

    Hiring, training, and supervising design staff.

    Coordinating resources and with other departments to create a cohesive, effective campaign.

    Establishing budgets and timelines and delivering the finished campaign within those parameters.

    Troubleshooting design, staff, or process problems as they arise.

    Ensuring that all aspects of the campaign align with the needs of the client or company.

    Looking for ways to improve design department processes.

Art Director Requirements:

    Bachelor’s degree in graphic design, marketing, or related field.

    Experience in graphic design with a supporting portfolio, more education, or industry-specific knowledge may be required.

    Proficiency with computers, especially MS Office and graphic design software.

    High level of accountability and motivation.

    Strong Interpersonal, time and project management, presentation, leadership, and communication skills.

    Creativity and ability to delegate responsibilities.

    Receptiveness to feedback and adaptability.

    Willingness to travel and meet deadlines.

    Language - Arabic and english

Experience: 5 years

We are looking for a talented and motivated Creative Director to lead our company's creative department. The successful candidate must possess excellent leadership qualities, with the ability to maximize the talents of their team.

As the Creative Director, you will work closely with the graphic design and marketing department to deliver engaging content that meets the expectations of our customers. You should be extremely creative, dedicated, and possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.


    Work with the brand team to produce new ideas for company branding, promotional campaigns, and marketing communications.

    Evaluate trends, assess new data and keep up-to-date with the latest marketing techniques.

    Assist clients in resolving issues by responding to questions in a timely and professional manner.

    Create and implement tailored marketing plans based on individual client requirements.

    Direct brainstorming meetings and creative sessions.

    Shape brand standards and create procedures to ensure all products are brand appropriate.

    Supervise the department's daily workflow, assign project workload, and monitor deadlines and budgets.

    Develop exceptional and well-crafted copy that meet clients’ requirements.


    Bachelor’s degree in art, graphic design, marketing, communications, journalism and other relevant fields.

    A minimum of 5 years’ digital experience, particularly with, but not limited to web, social and emerging technologies.

    A solid understanding of design, copy and web practices.

    Brilliant interpersonal and communication skills.

    Have an in-depth knowledge of brand development and multichannel marketing models.

    Must be a creative and strategic thinker

Experience: 5 years
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